What Should You Look For When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist?

At LA Dental Town we know how crucial of a choice it is when choosing the dentist who will be taking care of your children. This is a person who is going to be working closely with your kids for years to come. Not only do you want a pediatric dentist who is going to […]

The Lowdown on Laser Dental Cleaning

At LA Dental Town we believe that regular checkups and cleanings are essential to creating a legacy of good oral health for yourself and your family as well. As technology has advanced, so have the methods with which dentists use to root out plaque and troublesome residue that builds up on your teeth and in […]

Tired of the Bad Breath Blues?

The medical term for classic “bad breath” is halitosis. Halitosis is believed to result from poor dental health habits in addition to other health problems. Bad breath can also be accentuated and augmented by the types of foods you eat in addition to other unhealthy lifestyle habits. It starts in your mouth! Every single piece […]

Inlays Vs. Onlays

Greetings, friends and family! Today we’re here to talk about the differences between inlays and onlays, when and why you would need either procedure done at LA Dental Town, and what materials are used to achieve a quality inlay and onlay. Onlays and inlays are generally necessary when a filling either needs to be removed […]

I Don’t Need A Dental Implant For My Lost Molar…Right?

If you are missing a tooth, you are not alone. There are actually a staggeringly surprising amount of Americans in this day and age who are missing at least one tooth. Actually, an estimated 70% of the U.S. population! Most commonly, tooth loss will occur in the molar area, in the back of the individual’s […]

School is in! Make sure your smile doesn’t get played out.

School is in! Make sure your smile doesn’t get played out. Everyone is concerned with putting their best foot forward when classes start this month. If you go to year-round school, then you can either disregard this information or just practice it throughout the school year and position yourself ahead of your peers. A part […]

Poor Dental Health Can Detract from a Good Night’s Sleep

Poor Dental Health Can Detract from a Good Night’s Sleep You know how important sleep is to staying happy and healthy. Sleep deprivation affects millions of people every day, causing a drop in productivity, irritability, and a host of other problems for your health and wellness. Your body is a complex collection of systems that […]

Help! My Kid is Afraid of the Dentist!

Most people do not find the dentist’s office the ideal place to be. Even adult patients can be set on edge by the smells, sounds, and fears about their upcoming dental procedures. Sitting in the chair brings its own apprehensions, from the concern that something will be wrong to a fear that the lack of […]

15 Fun Facts About Teeth

Your teeth are amazing! They help you eat, allow you to speak properly, help give structure to your face, and make you look amazing when you smile. How much do you know about your teeth? We’ve put together some of the most fascinating facts about teeth for you to explore. When you’re done, you’ll appreciate […]

Why You Should Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Many patients seek a bright, white smile, and many companies know this. That is why we see all sorts of products in the toothpaste aisle that promote their ability to remove stains and discoloration. This includes complete whitening kits to strips.  These products can even be found at malls and fairs. If you want whiter […]