Conditions That Can Prevent You from Enjoying a Healthy Smile

March 15, 2017

Conditions preventing a healthy smile

It is no secret that enjoying a strong, long-lasting, healthy smile means keeping yourself free of the most common dental problems. These include plaque, tartar, and decay. If you experience these conditions, not only is your smile far from being in perfect health, but it may be at a risk for further deterioration the longer they go untreated. Here are some of them and the risks they entail.

Plaque is identified as an unwanted, hazardous substance that can be a detriment to your smile. It is white, sticky, and damages your tooth enamel. It requires removal with a regular, high-quality tooth brushing and flossing schedule. In addition, regular dental visits can help you find these problems earlier before they lead to more harmful consequences.

Tarter is another substance that can develop as a result of the hardening of plaque at the gum line. They are more difficult to remove compared to plaque, and can lead to gum disease through infection and irritation of the gums. Your best option for removing tartar is to have a professional cleaning done at a dental office.

Tooth decay can be a major problem for your smile. They cause cavities and create the conditions that allow your teeth to rot. This problem is a result of improper dental hygiene or diet practices, including excessively eating sugary, acidic products. As with plaque and tartar, it is important to prevent decay from arising by following the recommended oral hygiene practices. You can make sure you are safe from this condition by scheduling your regular visits with the dentist.

In addition to the problems described above, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet. By doing so, you are not only protecting yourself against these problems, but improving your overall health as well. For additional information about protecting yourself from these risks, you can contact your Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Wu and her team at LA Dental Town

Conditions That Can Prevent You from Enjoying a Healthy Smile
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