DentalVibe at LA Dental Town

DentalVibe at LA Dental Town

A recent study revealed that millions of individuals avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety and worries about feeling pain during procedures. At LA Dental Town, we use an innovative technology known as DentalVibe. This is a system that creates a new type of dental experience for patients – one that is free of anxiety or concern about pain.

What is DentalVibe?

The DentalVibe is a tool that causes the surrounding tissue of the injection site to vibrate. While this is occurring, the doctor will also administer an anesthesia injection. This simultaneous process of the vibration and injection reaches the brain and prevents the feeling of the injection from being perceived. The result is that patients experience minimal feelings of discomfort as they are receiving an anesthesia injection before treatment.

The DentalVibe is successful in this regard as it allows more patients to receive the treatments they need without being concerned about experiencing pain during treatment. The system can be used for a number of dental procedures, including dental fillings, tooth extractions, root canal therapy, and other procedures involving local anesthesia.

With the DentalVibe, children can especially visit the dentist and obtain important, necessary treatments for their dental health. If you have a child who experiences anxiety in regards to visiting the dentist, then they are ideal candidates for DentalVibe.

For answers to additional questions regarding DentalVibe at our practice, you can contact us at 323-887-0088 and schedule an appointment.

DentalVibe at LA Dental Town
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