Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment in Los AngelesRoot canals have a reputation for being incredibly painful. The procedure is so notorious that people often use it as a synonym for extreme inconvenience. If you have ever heard someone say “I’d rather have a root canal,” then you know exactly what that means.

What people often don’t realize is that, when done properly by qualified professionals, root canals seldom need to be any more painful than getting a filling. The real source of pain comes from the day to day experience of infection leading up to the canal. It is therefore important to understand that a root canal is not the cause of, but rather the solution to your problem.

What is a Root Canal?
The tooth consists of three different layers. The enamel, the exterior layer, protects the middle layer of dentin from plaque. Beneath the dentin is the pulp which consists of the tooth’s nerves, also called the root, as well as blood and connective tissue. When the pulp becomes infected with bacteria, it causes excruciating pain at the root. Leaving the infected tissue in place can lead to even worse problems, such as bone loss beneath the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Los Angeles

A root canal simply digs through the exterior of the tooth into the pulp, where the infected and dead tissue is removed, the area is disinfected, the space is filled and sealed. The dentist will often place a crown over the top of the canal, thereby completely sealing off the tooth and preventing further aggravation.

At LA Dental Town, root canal treatment is performed by a California Board Certified endodontist. To schedule an appointment for root canal treatment, contact the specialists at LA Dental Town today.

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Root Canal Treatment
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