Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Treatment

TMJ Los AngelesJaw pain can be one of the most excruciating pains a person can experience. It is persistent, and often occurs every single time a sufferer moves their jaw. That includes such commonplace activities as chewing, speaking, or even something as innocuous as a yawn. These actions are not only common, but they are critical to the basic act of living. Basically, the jaw aches whenever you use it, causing constant pain and diminishing your quality of life.

TMJ Los Angeles

Pains of this kind typically originate in the temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ, which is the point at which the jaw meets up with the rest of the skull. Temporomandibular Disorders, referred to as TMDs, can result from several different sources, such as grinding or clenching the teeth, developing arthritis in the joint, undergoing stress that causes tightening of the teeth, or even experiencing a traumatic incident like a car accident.

Symptoms of TMD includes:

  • Tenderness or pain around the joint area
  • Lockjaw, in which the jaw becomes stuck in an open or closed position
  • Clicking noises, or popping and grating sounds
  • Muscle spasms or exhaustion of the muscles in the face
  • Difficulty or discomfort while eating

When experiencing TMD, it is important to see a qualified dentist who has experience in diagnosing TMJ issues. The dentists at LA Dental Town are highly qualified and can discern TMD from other common disorders or diseases with similar symptoms.

While TMD is certainly painful and persistent, it luckily is treatable. The LA Dental Town staff have access to a whole array of potential remedies, such as creating Night Guards and Bite Guards to prevent the grinding and clenching of teeth, or performing bite adjustments. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team will help you determine the best course of action for you.

Pain should not be a part of your everyday life, particularly in such a vitally important joint as the TMJ. Let the dentists and experts at LA Dental Town help free you from pain. Contact our offices for more information on TMJ treatments or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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TMJ Treatment
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