The braces you wear are determined by several factors, including:

  • Severity of the condition
  • Professional recommendations
  • Price of the treatments
  • Duration of the treatment
  • Personal preference
  • There are several types of braces offered to patients. Metal braces are made of metal brackets that use an elastic rubber band known as a ligature to anchor to the wire. They tend to be some of the most inexpensive procedures and can treat most severe cases. They have less treatment time when compared with other orthodontic procedures. Almost all patients who need braces receive the metal one.

    Braces Los Angeles

    Lingual braces are attached behind teeth and are difficult to notice when worn. These may not be recommended to patients who require more severe orthodontic treatment.

    Invisalign is a popular alternative for patients who want a comfortable experience while straightening their teeth. This process consists of invisible aligners that are worn inconspicuously and re-position the teeth gradually over time until the desired alignment is achieved.

    There are also ceramic braces. They are produced from strong materials and function similarly to metal braces. The brackets are tooth colored and not as strong as metal, but they can treat almost all of the same cases. They blend in with the teeth and cause less irritation to the gums when compared to metal braces.

    To discuss which braces are right for you, contact the Los Angeles dental practice of Dr. Wu today and make an appointment.

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    Braces Los Angeles
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