Clear Fastbraces

What are Clear Fastbraces?

Clear Fastbraces Los AngelesFastbraces serve a special function than braces of the traditional type. They essentially do what regular braces do, except faster and with more efficiency. It has a unique design that can move the top and root of your teeth in simultaneous fashion. Traditional braces need additional steps to move the top and roots, increasing the length of the overall treatment.

Fastbraces are designed for wear on patients of any age, including children, teens, and adults. They cause less discomfort because they move the top and root of the teeth simultaneously. Another difference is that they provide results within a shorter timeframe. Instead of waiting 2 or 3 years, you can see a straighter smile in about a year of usage.

Clear Fastbraces Los Angeles

Many patients ask us whether fastbraces are safe. The answer is yes. In addition, they provide results faster and without the risks or complications of older conventional braces. These appliances were developed with safety being one of the priorities.

Lightwire Braces

Another alternative to traditional orthodontics exists and they are known as lightwire braces. These target the upper jaw and mid-face. While other braces work on repositioning teeth, these ones remove the obstacles that can prevent a straight smile from being achieved. Their main advantages are that they are removable, less painful, barely visible, more gentle, and provide faster results than comparable braces. As with fastbraces, these are also available at Dr. Wu’s office.

LA Dental Town is among the practices in Los Angeles that offer patients of various ages clear fastbraces and lightwire braces. If you have additional questions about the benefits or risks of these appliances, we invite you to call us today and ask us for an appointment.

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Clear Fastbraces
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