I Don’t Need A Dental Implant For My Lost Molar…Right?

September 28, 2016

I Don’t Need A Dental Implant For My Lost Molar...Right?

If you are missing a tooth, you are not alone. There are actually a staggeringly surprising amount of Americans in this day and age who are missing at least one tooth. Actually, an estimated 70% of the U.S. population!

Most commonly, tooth loss will occur in the molar area, in the back of the individual’s mouth. An even higher percentage of these folks with missing teeth, when occurring in non-visible areas, will leave their mouth untreated, since few people will see it.

So, does it truly matter if you get a dental implant for your missing molar? The answer is a resounding “yes!”

The main problem behind tooth loss doesn’t have much to do with appearance or aesthetics, though this is the most prominent way people see themselves being hindered by a missing tooth. Obviously, it’s important for people to look and feel their best, but there are other consequences that can come with tooth loss. The alveolar bone (bone surrounding the teeth) requires regular stimulation in order to stay healthy. This necessary stimulation occurs from the tiny day-to-day stresses that are transmitted to your teeth by chewing, clenching, etc. Without this stimulation, your bone will gradually disintegrate.

An estimated 25% of bone loss can occur in the first year of experiencing a missing tooth alone, which will gradually increase in the coming years, sometimes exponentially. So, maybe you can deal with the bone loss that will occur after leaving one lost tooth untreated. However, if enough teeth are lost, your ability to speak and chew will be significantly altered and hindered. This can change the contours and shape of your face, your lips, and your jawline, making you appear noticeably older. Your bite could eventually collapse altogether. Please do not wait for this to happen when preventative measures can be taken.

Fortunately, at L.A. Dental Town, we can implement effective dental implants that will help secure your oral health, from your gums to your bone volume. Because your dental implant is fused from the bone, it will help promote stimulation that will keep bone matter healthy and fully functional. In addition to their aesthetic value, dental implants can also improve the functionality of your teeth.

So if you have space for rent, even in the back of your mouth, it’s important to contact L.A. Dental Town today. We can provide effective and affordable dental implants to keep your teeth, bone, and gums looking great and fully functional.

I Don’t Need A Dental Implant For My Lost Molar…Right?
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