Invisalign Los Angeles

One of the best ways to achieve a straight smile, Invisalign utilizes a series of clear, removable aligners. It is the clear method when it comes to effective, high quality teeth straightening for patients. It can provide a dramatic result without metal or wires.

Invisalign Los Angeles

Invisalign works by using 3-D computer imaging technology to render the entire treatment plan from the earliest to final stages. A series of custom, clear aligners are produced. The aligners move the teeth incrementally and each set is worn for around two weeks. The next set of aligners are then worn until the desired alignment is achieved.

Invisalign delivers when it comes to creating a clear, removable, irritation-free, and comfortable experience for those seeking to enjoy a straight smile.

Invisalign Advantages:

  • Pleasing aesthetic result
  • Comfortable for daily wear
  • Safe for gums and tissue of the mouth
  • Shorter treatment duration compared to braces

The aligners are created from clear, strong medical grade plastic that will rarely attract notice when worn. They look similar to teeth-straightening trays, but are custom-made to fit and move teeth.

The quality of your smile, as well as its functions, are determined by the alignment of your teeth. When some patients may be turned away by braces, Invisalign offers a more desirable alternative. To learn if you are a candidate for this procedure, call the office of Dr. Wu in Los Angeles and schedule a consultation.

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