Laser Whitening

Your smile is an important part of who you are, contributing to your overall self-confidence and cosmetic appearance. Bright, white teeth exude radiance and youth, while dull or yellow teeth add years to the face. Fortunately, most discoloration can be reversed with targeted whitening treatment. Whether you have teeth that have become lackluster with age or a smile that is discolored after years of drinking coffee, you could gain a smile that is up to 12 shades lighter after just one hour in your dentist’s office. It may sound too good to be true, but these are the exact results that many patients all over the country are achieving with laser teeth whitening.

What is Laser Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is the use of laser light to ‘activate’ professional-grade bleaching agents and accelerate their whitening effects on the teeth. Traditional whitening treatments use hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to whiten the teeth in a dentist’s office or at home – sometimes over the course of many treatments. By using laser light, this process is expedited into a single session.

Laser Whitening Los Angeles

Unlike other treatments, which require the use of messy trays, laser whitening makes it easy to whiten individual teeth at the request of a patient. During the treatment, whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth. Barriers are applied to the gums for protection during treatment, and all patients must wear protective eyewear as well. Laser light is directed at the bleaching agent to painlessly expedite the whitening process. Patients are welcome to bring along mp3 players and listen to music to pass the time.

Results are immediate. Though outcomes vary from patient to patient according to natural tooth shade and discoloration, some patients will see teeth that are up to 12 shades lighter in just one visit. Most patients experience visibly whiter teeth for a minimum of 6 months; though it is possible to prolong results up to 2 years with careful maintenance and dietary modifications.

Whether you want to whiten your entire smile or spot treat a single discolored tooth, we want to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Contact our office today for more information about laser tooth whitening. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Laser Whitening
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